I love Kulisha, but I want to add more services, can I be the first one to try new ones out?
Thanks for the nice comment, sure, if you are interested in getting the latest news before every one else, click
to show your interest, and we’ll be adding you to future notices.

Why can I only have one Facebook and one Twitter account connected to Kulisha?
This is because we are in beta version, the technical solution to use unlimited accounts from the same service is already completed, but this is something that we need to decide how and why we should release this, if you are interested in more of a “premium account”, click
to show your interest, and we’ll be adding you to future notices.

Is there a mobile version of Kulisha?
Yes there is, you should see our mobile site by simply going to Kulisha.com as usual from a mobile device. This version will be better in the near future. No native app is scheduled at present time.

Can I remove, change or disable a social service?
Of course you can, to remove your Twitter account you can "revoke access" from within Twitter setting. To remove your Facebook account you need to go to Application settings under Privacy.

Will there be more social networks available and feed solutions?
We are constantly planning and trying out different social networks services, let us know what social website or solution you want on Kulisha.

Why doesn't a specific function work?
Yikes, either it's a bug, or we haven't yet implemented it, let us know by using the feedback page what you found.

I found a bug, or something i think is incorrect, where do I turn to?
Use our Feedback service to get in contact with us.

Is Kulisha secure?
We don't store any sensitive data on our servers and we use the recommended standard Open Authentication to get the data from our providers.